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First week with Rudnev

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By MikeSanders - Posted on 01 May 2012

I signed up for 6 months training wit Coach Rudnev and I am very excited to start my new journey to CMS. This will be perfect timing for the IKFF Nationals in November. This is the goal I made for myself this year and Im bound and determined!

First workout went like this:

1 minute Cleans 2x24kgs 15 reps 1 min rest
1 miute Jerk 2x24kgs 14 reps 1 min rest
3 mins Cleans 2x22Kgs 12 rpm 3-4 min rest
Sumo Squats 50 20kg bell
Snatches 16kg 3 min per arm with glove 15-17 rpm

It went well. Nailed all the reps given. During the snatch I did 18,18, 16R and 18, 17 14, L.

Ran 3kilometers.

Looking forward to the rest of the week!


May 2nd

Cleans 2x24kg 1min 30 sec 21 reps 2 min rest
Jerks 2x24kg 1 min30 sec 19 reps 2 min rest
Cleans 2x22kg 4 mins 12 rpm long rest..

Circuit training
hanging leg raise, push ups on kbs feet on bench,back extensions,1 arm kb row 28kg, russian twist, lunge (split squat) with kb on shoulder alt legs, V snaps on plyo box
15 reps each exercise - NO REST BETWEEN -
15 mins on Concept 2 rower 2700 m.
Good workout! Emphasis on Cleans. Apparently they are my weak point in my lift. Coach tells me i need more trap involvement and bend forward more on back swing. Hopefully we can see some improvement when I video tape my set on Saturday.

May 4

Had to video tape today and also tomorrow

3 mins Jerk set with 2x24kg 12rpm rest 3 mins

3 min Cleans with 2x24kg 11 rpm

4km run
Good workout today. My arms were feeling a little fatigued, so focused on leg drive.
The run was tough. I usually like a flat trail run but uts been raining so I hit the road with rolling hills.


Cleans 6 mins 22kg 12 rpm very tough

Snatch 6 mins 16kg with glove. 17 rpm


Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday


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